Welcome to Kenny's Mystery Museum

 The Mystery Museum is a new take on the concept of the classic "Oddity Museum." A plethora of mysteries are presented in the form of various objects acquired or donated over the years. Some of these objects are claimed to be cursed or possessed by demonic entities. Other are said to be "enchanted" by good and/or helpful spirits. The museum's purpose is to explore these claims - test them - and determine if there's any validity to them. Other items in this collection represent more aspects of Kenny's investigations into the paranormal; including religious claims, Bigfoot & other cryptids, aliens, UFOs, and many more of the strange and unusual. 

But rather than leave you with just the sensational stories. Here at the museum we focus on education, teaching the ideas of critical thinking, skepticism, science, and applying them to the spooky and strange. In the museum, nothing is 'out of reach' - meaning visitors are free to carefully pick up and inspect any of the items displayed. You're encouraged to ask questions, propose your own experiments, and even attempt to get some activity going yourself. (*we're not worried). 

Currently, the museum is a private collection open to "invitation-only" guests. Hopefully, there will come a time it will be set up at a public venue, allowing people to visit and learn about science-based investigations of supernatural claims. 

*This website is still very much still under construction, so please bare with me as I work my butt off to bring you something cool. 

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